Everything you need to know about insurance

We want to make sure you get coverage. All the information you need in one place. We want to help you know what you need and where you can get it, and what to do just in case of an incident.

What coverage do you need as a provider on Vencer

All providers that want to be a part of the Vencer Health platform are required to have a professional liability policy in place that meets minimum coverage requirements.

Please note that if you are employed, the coverage provided by your employer DOES NOT extend to your work as an independent contractor on Vencer Health.

To ensure that you have the coverage while providing services, we recommend you purchase an insurance policy specifically for healthcare professionals.

What is required to use the Vencer Health Platform

Insurance coverage must include Vencer Health Technology, Inc. as an Additionally Insured. Please speak to your insurance agent about this requirement.

What is Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance is also know as Errors and Omissions (E&O) coverage. It covers and protects the provider (RN or CNA) from claims of negligent or inadequate quality of work.

Examples of incidents that may lead to claim against a provider:
- Client hurts themselves due to their own error.
- BLS or CPR not administered in a timely fashion.
- If supplies or equipment isn’t available, client may make a claim against provider.

What level of coverage should you be looking for?

Here are some vendors that provide Professional Liability Coverage

These are estimates. Please visit their website for individualized quotes. These are not recommendations or endorsement from Vencer Health Technologies, Inc.
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