Vencer the Home Care App

The Vencer App is the NEW and EASY way to find affordable home care support. We help provide loving, compassionate care for your family members when you can't be there.

As Seen on KITV4: "Uber of Home Healthcare"

"Uber of home healthcare?
New app connects people with licensed caregivers in Honolulu"

Available Services


Emotional support and companionship like having a conversation, playing games, and reading

Personal Hygiene

Oral hygiene (brushing/flossing teeth), grooming (combing hair, applying deodorant, and dressing.

Bath and Shower

Help with showers and baths using shower chairs or bathing beds. Providers do not bring bathing equipment to appointments, please ensure you have them at home. We recommend you book a minimum of 2 hours.

Bathroom Care

Help reduce accidents and get assistance using the bathroom and establishing a toileting schedule

In-Home Mobility

Get help repositioning in bed, moving from the bed to the wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet, or walking, and using assistive equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.

Light Housekeeping

Keeping basic living areas clean, safe, and organized like changing of bed sheets, dusting and wiping surfaces, and vacuuming and sweeping.

You are in Control

Select your care

You are in charge. Order only the services and support you need, the provider you want

Pick a date and time

Pick schedule that works for you, today, tomorrow, next week, or whenever you need it

No hidden costs

See all the cost up-front before submitting. There is the provider cost and a small admin fee

Get the app today

Vencer Health Apps and services are currently only available on iPhones.
An Android app is currently being developed.


Jeff is a founding member at Vencer and holds another job to pay the bills. His dad, (insert name), is currently dealing with (insert health issue). Jeff is the primary caregiver in the family but doesn't have enough time to care for his dad and work for himself. This is the main reason why Jeff chose to help start Vencer. He believed in the possibility of finding the right care at the right time.